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What We Offer

At Holy Family Catholic Primary School, we provide a vibrant Catholic co-educational education so that each child finds meaning and purpose through continual growth in faith and improvement in learning.

We work to be a place of peace, support and safety at Holy Family – while at the same time, challenging our students to strive to improve in their learning and growth, how they treat each other, in using their voice, and in nurturing their relationship with Jesus. 

A child-centred Catholic education


Religious Education is the subject at the core of who we are and what we do. The Religious Education curriculum aims to assist students to reflect upon, make sense of, celebrate and live more deeply the mystery of Christ. They do this through breaking open scripture stories, studying Catholic doctrine, participating in prayer and relating these things to practical actions in their own lives and the lives of others.

Partnership with families

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At Holy Family, we firmly believe we create the best educational experience for our students by working with families to make our school the best learning community it can be.

Parents and carers play a critical role in this common goal and we actively encourage open and honest communication in order to strive to provide our students with the best educational experience possible.

We work with families to provide an affordable education and provide on-site Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) via CatholicCare.

Nurturing students' faith

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Liturgical, prayer and sacramental life are very important at Holy Family. We have a very strong bond with our parish, and sacramental programs are run in partnership.

Liturgical celebrations include school and parish Masses and other liturgies to mark important occasions during the liturgical year through our Catholic rituals.

Prayer nourishes this life daily, both formally and informally, and nurtures each student’s individual relationship with God. St Benedict is used as an example of how to live a life with Jesus at the centre of all we do.

Excellent teaching and learning


At Holy Family, we constantly look for opportunities to improve our teaching style in order to have a greater impact on student learning.

Staff are constantly involved in the cycle of learning – assessing what students know, determining learning intentions with co-constructed levelled success criteria, planning learning experiences to achieve this criteria, and again assessing student learning to measure student achievement but also, critically, their own impact on that student learning.

We know one style does not fit every student, class, teacher nor content area, so we constantly develop the repertoire of skills teachers need to have in place in order to select and plan the best possible learning experiences for students at all levels of learning.

Maximising learning growth and academic potential


Students learn at different rates and to different levels of understanding. At Holy Family, we work to determine the essential learnings from the curriculum and give students who require it more opportunities to acquire these essential and foundational skills.

In a similar way, some students learn rapidly and have a capacity to learn in greater depth and make numerous connections. They too require adjustments to maximise their learning.

Our Diverse Learning Needs program strives to cater for the individual needs of all learners so they can experience the feeling of triumph when they have achieved their learning goals, no matter what they happen to be.

Teaching of the whole child


At Holy Family, we believe our students learn more than to read and write and work mathematically – though these are of course vital skills too.

We believe our students also learn how to be valuable members of a community – how to be patient, forgiving, exert self-control and be just in their dealings with others.

We also want them to explore many diverse co-curricular opportunities to see what talents they may have that do not belong to a specific subject – creativity, leadership, speaking for others, empathy and tenacity to name a few.

Developing life-long learners and active citizens


As Catholics, we are called to action and in order to bring about our school vision to ‘Be Christ to All’, we must learn how to act to achieve our vision.

Various programs help students and staff work together to help be the ‘Face of Christ’ to the poor and marginalized in our community and to those displaced from their homes or their country, and to be responsible users of the world God has given us.

This includes our work with St Vincent de Paul (Mini Vinnies) and Educating With a Mission Lens (EWAML), as well as our range of school environmental initiatives guided by our School Environmental Management Plan (SEMP).

Growing student wisdom and leadership


We want our school to be a happy and secure space for every student who walks through the gates. In order to achieve this, we believe we must try to see the school through students' eyes in order to see if we are achieving what we aim to do.

Our Student Representative Council (SRC) – made up of elected students from Years 2 to 6, along with our Captains and Vice Captains – form an important consultative student body and help to make decisions and bring matters to the attention of the School Leadership Team.

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