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Student Leadership

School Captains

We have two school captains and two vice captains from Year 6, selected as student leaders to represent Holy Family both in school and at events outside of school.

House Captains

We have two students that represent each house colour as House Captains. Our house colours are:

  • Benedict (Green)
  • MacKillop (Red)
  • Teresa (Blue)
  • Caruana (Gold)

Year 6 Leadership Teams

All Year 6 students undertake roles and responsibilities as part of different teams within the school and to support activities arranged by the teams.

The teams are:

  • Ecology Team
  • Prayer and Liturgy Team
  • Justice Team
  • School Life Team

SRC Team

The Holy Family SRC Team aims to represent the school community at all times, displaying the school’s Catholic values in word and action. The Student Representative Council (SRC) Leadership Team is made up of students from Year 2 through to Year 6:

  • consistently models adherence to the school’s rules and ethos
  • develops and delivers speeches on behalf of the student body at school and community events / occasions
  • writes and delivers reports at assemblies
  • participates in Student Representative Council meetings